Doctor Reviews and Ratings

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Doctor Reviews and Ratings

How often do you hesitate when you need to make a decision about your health? Or you cannot decide which doctor to visit. Sometimes everyone needs good advice and recommendations, especially when the ailment occurs the first time and you don’t know which specialist to choose. Other patients can help you in choosing the doctor that is right for you: see doctors reviews and find the best doctor by rating. At TeMed you’ll find only true opinions and reviews from real patients.

Choose a doctor by rating

We recommend to view doctor reviews and ratings before visiting the doctor the first time. Here you can read the opinions of other patients and decide which doctor is appropriate for you. Learn about their personal and professional skills and find other important information. The best and more experienced doctors have higher ratings. Explore, read, compare and choose.

How it works

Scoring system for doctors rating is rather easy: the higher rating - the better the doctor. Here you’ll see an average doctor rating and overall patient satisfaction, numerous reviews and other info. You can have a question who scores doctors and leave reviews? We ensure you that all the doctor reviews at TeMed are written by real patients. That’s why here you can find not only positive comments but truly objective opinions. Here patients can rate the doctor and write a real response. We hope this information will be helpful for you and guide you in making the right decision.

Review and rate your doctor

The best thing a doctor can hear are words of gratefulness from their patients. Help your doctor to become one of the best: recommend them to other patients and let them know how good your doctor is. Rate their experience, skills or even empathy level, write a few sentences to thank them, they will be pleased for the feedback. Give patients within your community as much useful information as you can to help someone else to find their doctor.

Explore doctors wherever you are

No matter wherever you are nor where the doctor is located, explore doctors in communities within your region. Sure, popular doctors from big cities will have a higher rating, but don’t forget that doctors in small towns have a good practice too. Read doctor reviews written by patients from your area and share your own opinion. Find the best local doctor or even the best in the whole country. We believe our rating system will make a positive impact on your healthcare.

What’s in it for you?

Real opinions of real patients

No fake comments, only real patients about a doctor’s reviews and ratings

Your doctor’s ratings

Find your doctor here and look for their rating. Compare it with other doctors.

The best doctors in your area

Explore your doctor and see top-rating specialists in your city or the whole country.

Help your doctor to be the best

Tell the other patients about your doctor to assist them in making the right decision.