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An enterprise Online Medical Office of healthcare services that reach beyond a traditional office space and connects your practice to patients anywhere, anytime.


Patients Plus

Patients Plus is a revolutionary new service to grow your medical practice. Get increased patient volume, a better reputation, and improved service for your patients overall.

The Ultimate Healthcare Platform

TeMed's Office Plus combines all the tools your organization needs to be competitive in the rapidly advancing healthcare industry. From moving your medical imaging to the cloud or helping you acquire new patients online, the Online Medical Office of products and services are easy to use, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

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Learn How TeMed Works

Explore how you can use TeMed to schedule and conduct consultations online using the Telemedicine. See how easy a patient can upload medical scans to review for a consultation using our Medical Images Cloud.

Discover the Benefits of Joining TeMed

reduced storage fees
lower booking cost
auto reminders
auto check-ins
ins. benefit verify

Save Money and Maximize Profits

Becoming a TeMed member saves your practice money by reducing your cost of storing medical images, booking appointments, reminders, check-ins and insurance benefit verification.

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secure to mobile
secure to hospital
secured servers
encrypted database
TeMed HIPAA Compiant Secure Cloud

Greater Security

TeMed recognizes the importance of securing your patient's medical records. That's why TeMed is a HIPAA compliant secure cloud environment. All of your patient's records are secured behind our cloud network and all the patient records are stored encrypted.

Office Plus Features

Maximize your Time

TeMed products and services have been developed to save your practice time by automating manual tasks and extending your office using telehealth's online office features allowing you to treat more patients.

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matches insurance
within 10 miles
treats my condition
lots of experience

Patient Acquisition

TeMed combines a healthcare platform with enterprise marketing to get your practice more patients. Patients finding your practices verified profile(s) are pre-screened and matched to your specialty, location, preferences and insurance giving you more patients and reducing wrong patients.

Get More Patients
timely appointments
accepted insurance
easy to book appointment
TeMed patients average rating is 1.5 points higher than traditional sourced patients.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patients using TeMed with practices have a higher satisfaction rate than traditionally sourced patients. Access to more communication methods and simplified management of patients medical images leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Patients Plus Features

Want To Learn More About Office Plus?

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TeMed Doctor App

The TeMed doctors app is a great way to stay connected with your office and patients through the convience of your mobile phone.

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