Meet your doctor face to face using your computer, smartphone or tablet

High qualified doctors of all specializations are available for you literally at your fingertips. Stay connected with your doctor wherever you are.

Online consultation

Everyone’s had a situation where they immediately needed to talk to a doctor. Online service with TeMed provides such an opportunity. Keep in touch with board certified doctors and specialists without sitting in a waiting room. See your doctor online and get qualified medical help wherever you are, whether you’re home, out and about, on vacation, or working hard in your office.

Your virtual visit

Is there any difference between talking to a doctor online and a personal consultation with your doctor in an office? There is a difference, and it plays in your favor. There are no location boundaries, no traffic and no travel. You don’t have to waste your time waiting for an appointment and you can always reach a wide range of trained and qualified medical professionals without having to step outside of your home.

Choose the way you prefer to connect:

Call the doctor using video online consultation service


Write your doctor a message using our online chat service

That’s how easy it is.
Ask a doctor online

When you have no time, or chance to call to a doctor, use messenger for online chat.
You can also use chat during your video consultation to make notes, or get written memos from the doctor or specialist. Share documents and photos here, or describe your condition and symptoms without staying online constantly and waiting for the doctor to answer.

Available for everyone

Our service is available to you whether you have insurance or not. You choose the way you want to pay for your online doctor visit. Other benefits of an online consultation include being able to connect with your doctor without interrupting your busy schedule, no location boundaries, and your information is kept safe and secure. Get treatment, reminders, and checklists to keep you and your family healthy. It’s like having your own private doctor on call with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Why you should try online consultation now

Take care of your time

Talk to a doctor online without the hassle of a waiting room.


The price is always less than urgent care clinics.

Stay in touch
wherever you are

You don’t need to be in your hometown to visit your local doctor.

Share your

Upload, store and share your lab work, exams, documents. Easily and safely.

Find a doctor with confidence