Secure storage for medical records

Get constant access to your medical records. View and manage your prescriptions, treatment notes and other medical documentation

Medical records

TeMed service provides an opportunity to store all the medical records kept in one place together. It’s an advanced solution for replacement all kinds of documents, including MRI’s, X-rays, CT-scans, etc. Get an access to essential information anytime and from any place. Operate the medical data the way you need.

Facilities for patients

The service gives a chance to view and upload medical records. Forgot your prescription details? Enter and check it up here. Want to read a consultation note to make everything clear? View it anytime you need. Can’t remind a list of examinations and laboratory tests? You always can facilities it in our database storage. It’s your right to have an entire information about your health and treatment, so don’t hesitate to use this service.

Facilities for doctors

TeMed provides great support in managing health documents. We know how that’s important for doctors who are always overloaded with information. Better spend more time with your patients rather than in searching and compiling documents. Keep all the patient’s medical records together. Here you can upload variable documents and to operate them:

  • Upload new files using any devices
  • Edit, delete, share with other doctors and patients
  • Update them at once to have actual information
  • View and compare test results, X-rays, scans

We give you not just a database storage, but a management system that relieve of the need to keep everything in mind.

What include medical records

Medical records include variety of health documents that doctors and medical staff upload and update:

  • consultation notes
  • e-prescriptions
  • test results
  • X-rays
  • MRI’s
  • reports
  • CT-scans

In short, it’s a huge database of health records with facility of management. They serve for planning patient care and documenting communication among doctors and patients.

We guarantee confidentiality

Security of information is one of our priorities. The informational security standards that we use can assure you that all your medical records stay only among you and your doctor. We care about your privacy so you don’t have to worry about who can see your diagnostic information and other data.

Why you should try online consultation now


Upload documents quickly and from any device


Keep all the medical records together


Send documents to patients or other specialists the way you want


Update documents, notes and images at once to have actual info