Dr. Fabien Bitan MD

Specializations Orthopaedic Surgery
Years in practice 32
Languages English, French

ASC West Orange 475 Prospect Ave., Ste. 110


After earning his medical degree in France, Dr. Bitan received extensive postgraduate training in orthopedic surgery and spine surgery in the Institute of Calot in Berck-sur-mer, France, one of the most prestigious centers for the treatment of spinal deformities in Europe home of Dr Cotrel who invented the revolutionary Cotrel DUbousset instrumentation. Dr. Bitan had acquired substantial experience in using this technique well before it became a standard surgical treatment for scoliosis. He has since performed more than 1,000 surgical procedures in this field.

After 10 years of academic appointments and medical practice in France, Dr. Bitan moved to New York, where he completed 2 fellowships, one at the Hospital for Special Surgery and the other at the Beth Israel Medical Center. He subsequently obtained his Board Certification from the American Association of Physician Specialists. He then worked with Dr. Fred Epstein, a legendary neurosurgeon known for his innovative treatment of brain and spinal tumors in children. With his expertise in treating pediatric spinal deformities caused by neurological diseases such as spinal cord tumors, Dr. Bitan was part of Dr. Fred Epstein’s neurosurgical team until 2001.

As an internationally renowned surgeon and researcher, Dr. Bitan has also devoted a large amount of time to teaching and supervising young physicians. As a leading expert in artificial disc replacement, he frequently provides surgical training throughout the United States. He also supervises surgeons in learning and adapting minimally invasive spine techniques. And he is an assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

Board certification

Orthopaedic Surgery


Dr. Bitan is a world renowned spine surgeon and leading expert in spinal instrumentation. He has substantial experience in treating spinal deformities, especially scoliosis and kyphosis, in Europe and the United Stated. His areas of expertise include treating spinal deformities, performing artificial disc replacement, and operating minimally invasive spinal procedures.


Pediatric Orthopedics

Spine Surgery

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Orthopaedic Surgery 1975 Paris Public Health System, France


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Fabien D. Bitan 
Grand Rounds
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