Dr. Daveed D. Frazier MD

Specializations Orthopaedic Surgery
Years in practice 20
Languages English

ASC West Orange 475 Prospect Ave., Ste. 110


Daveed D. Frazier, M.D. graduated cum laude from Harvard Medical School and joined the institution’s long history of distinguished speakers when selected to address his 1990 graduating class. He went on to complete a combined surgical internship at the New England Deaconess Hospital and an orthopaedic residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is president of Orthopaedic Associates of New York, PC, a group he joined in 1997. He has won many Teacher of the Year Awards for serving as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Columbia University and an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at Downstate where he teaches medical students and residents. 

Board certification

Orthopaedic Surgery


Orthopedic Spine Surgeon


Spine Surgery

Spinal Deformity

Treaded Conditions

Insurances accepted

Licensed in


Medical School

Harvard Medical School


Brown University, Rhode Island (Undergraduate)


Orthopaedic Surgery 1995 Massachusetts General Hospital