In the new world of healthcare consumerization, better and more convenient healthcare services are no longer hoped for but expected. From finding a credible doctor to scheduling appointments, patients demand expedited yet fulfilling health care experiences without sacrificing care. Due to the advances of modern mobile technology, everything is literally at our fingertips, “just a click away” The consumer’s grown expectation of how they are to be provided and receive health care services is no different. Such demands require a more simplified yet efficient health care process.

To meet such demands tEMed was born from a physician’s vision to bridge the gap between technology and traditional practice in terms of healthcare delivery. tEMed simply put: brings traditional medical services from offline to online. Nothing simple in itself, tEMED empowers patients to receive the optimal care they need and deserve via a state of the art single secure platform.

Find an elite (for complicated conditions) or preferred Provider (for normal conditions) & schedule an online or in office consultation

Upload and share medical records including MRI’s / X Rays / CT Scan

Patient's in Office or face-to-face meeting Online with his favorite specialist like exactly same as in the office

Learn about their health conditions at Medical knowledge center using high quality animated educative contents and virtual assistant guided self diagnosis tool


Dr. Kaixuan Liu
Dr. Kaixuan Liu Founder & Managing Partner
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Mr. Jouko R. Rissanen
Mr. Jouko R. Rissanen Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder
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Mr. Artem Iaryguine
Mr. Artem Iaryguine CTO, Co-Founder
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Mr. Jeffrey Mason
Mr. Jeffrey Mason Internet Marketing & Sales Director
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